Wandering Sword – Recruitable Party Member Guide

How to Recruit Party Members

Every recruitable party member has a tiger to the right of their name:

Wei Huo

Starts in the beginning and you get him before leaving the first town.

Bai Jin

Meet him in Luo Village after the 1st completion of Mount Wanzai, he’ll give you a quest to go back to Mt Wanzai. Then meet him back in Luo Village and he’ll give you a quest for PetalsFall Forest. After the quest in PetalsFall forest I was able to raise his affinity to 60 and recruit him there, before his next quest.

Shangguan Hong

She will come after you beat the really, really hard toad guy for that one quest to get toad skins in Murkwood Forest for the shady merchant with two bouncers next to him in Pingkang City. Afterwards you can see her in the middle of Pingkang City just standing there. Raise her affinity to 40 and she’ll offer a quest at Qingmu Sect (but you cannot raise her affinity past 40 yet).

Once arriving at Qingmu, a required quest to a nearby area needs to be done, and then once you get back to Qingmu, you will of course need to spar. I was able to beat the spar, and then Lady Shangguan auto joins you! As a side note once you get to Qingmu Sect there is another lady there that looks recruitable named Sima Ling.

Sima Ling

Located at Qingmu ssect during the Shangguan Hong beginning questline. She’s a fiesty one who also had the tiger icon. You can raise her affinity to 40, but there must be another quest involving the whole sect, cause she says she’s busy for now.

Chen Lenxi

On an errand for another quest, I walked into Pingkang City, and that Chief guard at the entrance by the horses was getting harassed. If you take his side, Chen will show up and offer you to visit him in his martial club in Pingkang. While visiting Chen, try and win all the fights, and you’ll get some great rewards (I won all of the fights by running around, and having higher action rate then everyone else), but after all of that is done raise his affinity to 60 and you can invite him. Not sure if you can get him before that though.

Leng Wuqing

1 of the 4 great detectives! You originally meet him in Qianling Pier during a quest. Later on you have the option to go to Leijia Village to assist with another quest. (This might be missable if you advance too far in main story?, not sure yet).

After helping in Leijia Village you are invited to a quest which gives specific RED text about the difficulty of the upcoming battle(s) at Mount Lian’gu. After all of this I’m assuming you get to recruit him since he has the tiger icon, but I havent gotten that far yet.

Polearm Lady

Shes in Gusu City all the way to the right, make sure to save before walking up to the platform with a lot of people! In the beginning of this quest you have the option to watch or ignore. After watching, there is specific RED text quest that says implications of this decision will affect something else later on.

After you win the fight if thats what you chose, then you can meet up with this lady in the starting village: Wutong Village.

Ogre Looking Guy with Red Hair

He’s in Yanfu town in the back standing next to a lady. Accept her quest to deal with some Shaolin nonsense, and he’ll also ask you to do something else. I’m assuming if you finish all of that he will join you sense he has a tiger next to his name.

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