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Complete Walkthrough Guide

Daniella Markwell

First, go to the Castle and get the key upstairs. Then, go back to the Cabin. Solve the “Path and Darkness” puzzle there. Use the key to return to the Castle. Follow the path to the basement. Pull the lever in the basement. This unlocks the door that was locked from the other side. You’ll be back in the Cabin.

Go to where the bookshelf moved. Grab the Storage Room key from the Cabin bathroom. Now you have two choices that change the endings. If you saw the Horned Man’s Shadow in the Forest, you can either go to the basement or go straight to the Castle with the Storage Room key. This choice affects which ending you get.

To see the different endings, finish the game at least once. Then you can view the endings guide in the game’s Lobby.

Hisoka Ayumi

Take the cabin key from the kitchen and go out the front door. Go to the bridge and get the riddle note from the suitcase in Catherine’s room. You can read these notes from your inventory anytime after getting them.

Next, go to the castle. In the hall, take the key to Catherine’s room. Go upstairs through the double door by the entrance. In Catherine’s room, take the Storage Room key near the TV. Solve the suitcase riddle. You can choose to talk to Hinako or not, which also affects the endings.

Go to the Storage Room and use the lever to open the bottom door of the library. This locks the top entrance to the second floor of the library. Unlock the library doors, especially the one upstairs that was locked from the other side. Go back and use the lever again. Return to the unlocked door that leads to the castle hall.

After getting 3 rings (from the dining room, “Dangerous Floor Room”, and suitcase riddle), solve the “Dangerous Floor Room” riddle using the hearts: Missing, Torture, Madness, Sadness. Use the rings on the “hand door” and take the key inside the library’s secret room.

Return to the cabin and open the bedroom door. Solve the “Catherine and Daniella” riddle using the order of the graves in the cemetery. Go to the cabin’s basement, use the key, and enter the cage.

Fumihiro Akio

Take the axe from the tree near the cemetery. Go to the cabin and choose to talk to Yumi or ignore her and go to the castle. This choice affects the endings.

Open the library using the lever from the Storage Room. Go to the basement and take the key and read the note with the cemetery code on the table. Choose to talk to Ayumi in the cage or not.

Go through the other door Daniella entered after using the lever. Return to the cemetery and use the code on the suitcase in the tomb. After getting the library key, go back to the castle library. Make sure the entrance to the library’s “secret room” is open using the lever.

Take the note inside the room with the code. On the first floor in the Storage Room corridor, there’s a single room where you can use the axe and the code from the note. After that, return to the basement and free Hisoka.

Now you can choose to leave and get the Leave ending or keep playing. To continue, get the laboratory key from the same room you just solved the riddle in. Use the Storage Room lever to open a secret passage in that room. Get the Laboratory key next to the light at the end of the room on a stone.

Go back to the basement. On the last floor before entering the basement, solve the small suitcase riddle in a safe room. The answer is in the notes you pick up along the way with Fumihiro Akio: Killed by Love, Hell is Living without You, Jealousy Heart, Not Enough, Forever We Stand, Love Will Find a Way.

With the MODisk, go to the Laboratory in the Basement. You need 2 more MODisks. One is in the “Test Subject” room and the other is downstairs in a room you open with the key from the room next to the panel, the computer room.

After activating the 3 MODisks on the panel, go to the prison door and watch the scene. A boss battle will start, facing either Akio or Ayumi depending on if you talked to Hinako in Ayumi’s part or not.

After the battle, save Hinako and enter the Dark Mirror to return. To collect all collectibles, you’ll have to make all the different choices throughout the game.

Catherine Markwell

Go upstairs, watch the scene, and enter the safe room. Take another laboratory key from the table. Go to the basement and read the note near the other far door. Return to the laboratory and open the doors downstairs. In the first room, take the golden key.

After opening the double door, take the Spades key from the floor. Go back and open the Spades door upstairs. Use the code from the basement note to solve the riddle. With the Hearts key, go back downstairs and open the two doors. In one of them, solve the statue puzzle by making all statues face away from the center. Take the Man statue.

Go to the castle and take the note with the code to solve the dining room puzzle at the locked alchemy room door. After solving it, take the alchemy room key and solve the Hebrew riddle in the room. There’s a note in the secret room on the library’s second floor. After getting the book next to it, find another related book that’s also a riddle clue. If lost, the answer is: Seven Pages – Sorrows, Seven Pages – Shadows.

Take the Clubs Key and go to the laboratory to open the two green doors on the map. Take the other missing book in a safe room opened with the Clubs Key. Return to the castle and use the two books on the bookshelf in the library’s secret room upstairs. After walking further, a statue’s head will fall. Take the Woman statue.

Go to the forest with the statues. Take the shovel from the cabin bathroom, moving the bookshelf with the basement lever. Go to the cemetery with the 3 items and bury them in the specific graves. Take the seeds and receptacle and go to the alchemy room.

Important! You can only throw orbs now, not run or dodge. Take the “Plasma” to the laboratory’s secret passage room near the “Test Subject”. Save before going back. There are 3 paths to choose from. When you use the Plasma on the stone, you’ll arrive in Director Richard Markwell’s Room after the scene.

Solve the painting puzzle, from youngest to oldest predecessor: Alexander, Cassandra, Alden, Rowena, and Morgana. You’ll get the final Diamond key. Now you have the final choice: save Daniella on the guillotine or go through the elevator for the final boss battle. Saving Daniella is only possible if you went with her to the Storage Room earlier. Enter the elevator to face the final boss.

Boss Battles Guide

Daniella Markwell

Lure her to the illuminated center of Violet and activate the lever; to unlock it, you’ll have to break the nearby vases to collect more “small keys in order to use the lever again.” The light must catch her, otherwise, she’ll be invincible.

Althenea Markwell

Take the two randomly spawning books from the forest then deliver each one to its specific “Shadow.” After that, Merodach will appear in the center, use the Plasma 3 times or any other Orb multiple times to defeat him, remember. Shooting orbs at other enemies will only delay them. Be cautious. If you haven’t saved Daniella, you’ll have 2 additional enemies to face here.

The game has a balanced duration to allow players who have already memorized all events to replay it countless times with shorter times.

Daniella Markwell’s Note 9

When you finish the game at least once and start a new playthrough, you’ll find a key on the kitchen table in the cabin. Use this key to unlock the door to the cabin’s bedroom. Inside the bedroom, you will discover Daniella Markwell’s Note 9. This note will only be accessible after completing the game previously.

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