Viking Rise: Valhalla – Beginners Guide to Mounts

Guide to Mounts for New Players

Unlocking Mounts

Mounts become available after you reach Chapter 19 and complete the Occupy Taming Area Quest. Build a Beast Pen to unlock Mount functions such as Capture Mounts, Recycle Mounts, and Parts.

Capture Mounts

Tap the Beast Pen, then tap Capture to access the Capture Mount interface. Here, you can place Traps from the bottom of the interface to Capture all kinds of Mounts. You can also use Quick Capture to automatically Capture Mounts until you get a Mount of the desired Grade.

Different Grades of Traps cost different amounts of Trap Points, and have different rates at which they can Capture Mounts of a specific Grade. Trap Points recover automatically over time, but you can also buy more Trap Points or earn them through various methods. The higher the Grade of the Trap, the better the chance of Capturing high Grade Mounts. Grades (in ascending order of rarity) are White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. Details on the rates are as follows:

After Capturing Mounts with Traps or Quick Capture, you can choose to Recycle Mounts you don’t want, and Tame the Mounts that you want to keep. You can also use Quick Recycle to automatically Recycle multiple Mounts. Recycle Mounts to get Mount EXP and a chance to get Parts.

Raising Mounts

The strength of a Mount is determined by their Level, Grade, Parts, Aptitude, and Elements.

Mount Level

Mounts start at Level 1, and you can use Mount EXP to increase their level, up to a maximum of Level 30. Mount EXP can be obtained by Recycling Mounts or purchasing relevant packs.

Mount Grade

Mounts Grades are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the Grade, the higher their Aptitude will be.

Mount Aptitude

The initial Aptitude of Mounts and Parts is a random value within a range determined by their Grade. The higher the Grade, the higher the Mount’s maximum Aptitude. You will unlock Aptitude Honing when a Mount reaches Level 15, allowing you to randomly reroll the Mount’s or Part’s Aptitude. Details on Aptitude are as follows:

Mounts and Parts

You will unlock Evolution Part Slots as you level up your Mounts.

There are 3 Part Evolution Slots. Mounts unlock the Tail at level 10, the Spine at 20, and the Head at 30. Mounts can consume Parts for a chance to Evolve. Mounts that successfully Evolve will undergo a change in appearance. If a Mount consumes a Part and successfully Evolves, but has already successfully Evolved that kind of Part, you will be given the choice to keep or replace its existing Evolved Part.

Mount Elements

There are six Mount Elements:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Life
  • Destruction

A Mount gains Elemental Resonance when its Element matches the Element of its Parts.

When obtaining Mounts and Parts, a random attribute will be generated based on the Element. Different Elements can generate different attributes. Details are as follows:

Elemental Resonance

Elemental Resonance starts at level 0 and can be increased up to 3 times. Elemental Resonance increases by 1 level for each Part with the same Element as the Mount. Details are as follows:

Other Methods to Get Mounts

Mounts can also be obtained from Daily Quests/Niflung bosses/Dwarf Knights/Staging Post Shop, Clan Shop, and the VIP Shop. We plan to add other sources of Mounts in future updates.

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