Victoria 3 – Prevention of Radicalism

How to Prevent Radicalism

  • If your people can’t afford their needs, they get upset.
  • If a capitalist can’t afford fancy chairs and clothes, they become a radical
  • If a peasant can’t afford wheat, they become a radical.

The easiest method is to lower taxes, as they then have more money to spend on the more expensive items, alternatively you can make sure that the items are as cheap as possible.

Basically your choices are: Make all goods cheap and high taxes, or Make all goods expensive and low taxes.

Expensive goods and high taxes = Upset

IN saying all that, and even knowing how the system works, it’s still a massive pain to get right. Making the market too cheap, and the factories can’t pay their workers, lower the taxes and you can go bankrupt or stop GDP Development and start stagnating.

Basically sometimes spamming out steel mills because they are profitable doesn’t really help your people, so you have to balance it out by having less profitable industries that produce the needs of the people instead.

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