Vampire Survivors – Guide to New Patch 0.6.1

Guide to New Patch

Mini-guide to new patch… (Spoilers) Only for those that already have unlocked previous stuff.

  • 1) Take Pasqualina into Gallo Tower.
  • 1a) Choose the Tiragisu Arcana.
  • 1b) Build Lancet, Laurel, Armor and Empty Tome at least. Then build whatever else helps you get through the match and level 99. Use Lancet, Laurel, and Empty Tome to reach 31 minutes.
  • 2) Take any Not Special Character into Moonglow. I recommend Krochi.
  • 2a) Run into Vizard and buy his 10,000 gold item that makes him appear on all maps. This costs accumulated gold from previous runs and not this run. Be careful buying golden eggs, most people are picking one character to “main.”
  • 2b) You can pick up all the items off the ground without worries.
  • 2c) Near the end of 15 minutes you’ll get teleported to another level. Keep running right and try to line yourself up with the torches. Don’t stop moving. When you reach a wall, keep going.
  • 2d) If you fail, the new level will be on level select screen. The level disappears after you’ve beaten it.
  • 2e) The new message is just a scramble of the photosensitivy message. Everyone gets their own scramble. It’s not a secret message.
  • 2f) Replay this map with any character to get the 15 minute achieve if doing the previous steps didn’t get it for you. Thanks Darth Zed for pointing this out.
  • 3) Go into Mad Forest. Pick up the Pummarolla off the ground and the skull off the ground. You can also choose these as level up rewards.
  • 3a) Kill stuff and pick up pies.
  • 3b) Kill the shaded wizard that comes up after gathering a lot of pies.
  • Optional) You can try to get max laurel and lancet and go for the new hidden items, but I recommend doing it in a separate run.
  • 4) Go into Library. Take strongest character and have curse off.
  • 4a) Build at least Laurel and Lancet. Build anything else that will help you beat the map WHILE getting all 4 of the new items. You’ll need a lot of levels so I recommend the crown.
  • 4b) You MAY need to leave post level 10 chests on the ground to pick up later.
  • 4b) Level up the laurel to max and both arrows to max level 9.
  • 4c) Level up the Lancet to max and both rings to max level 9.
  • 4d) Killing the guardians of the new items causes them to drop golden eggs. I find killing them secondary to what I’m doing. They eventually do die.
  • 4e) Reach 30 minutes and laugh as you get to the new real boss.

If your achievements don’t pop in Steam, but you have them in game, restart your game and sit on the title screen for a few minutes.

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