V Rising – Tips for New Players

Gameplay Tips

  • Start on a PVE server, unless you´ve a mate to team up with on a 1-2 PVP server.
  • Most of the game is pretty simple to learn, Grind ressources, “special” ressources you find mostly at bandit camps and alike, with “m” you can see the map and hover over the camps and see what loot they drop.
  • New skills and building are unlocked mostly by defeating Bosses you can track down with an early building, teached in the tutorial.
  • Kill/destroy everything in the starting area then in area after the first set of doors. This will give you bones and other items that you will need.
  • Craft a bone sword and other bone weapons plus the bone armor to help you kill things and to help protect yourself.
  • After you leave the training area kill the wolfs that you fine for bones, hides plus when they are low on hit points hit F to drink their blood to fill your blood bow, bottom center of screen. Plus surplus blood goes into your inventory for other uses.
  • Also during this time chop down trees for wood and break stone pillars for stone for building your home.
  • Next will be the hardest, that is finding a place to build your new home. Don’t know if you will be playing on a PVE or PVP server. Build your new home in the bottom fourth of the map. After you cross a bridge you are moving into a higher level mob zone that get higher the farther north you go.
  • Once you find a spot to build you will need to clear off the land to place the heart of your building. Press B for building items. When the heart of your building is up and running click on the blue square and place them around the heart, this becomes the floor of your building.
  • Next comes building wooden walls and 2 or more doors points to get into and out of the building.
  • Lastly comes building items to place in your building. Follow what the game tells you what you need to make them.

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