TRAIL OUT – Tips for Time Trial (Truck) Mode

Truck – Time Trial Tips

I gotta admit, this was probably the hardest challenge in the game .. not because of driving, but because of unpredictability and because of camera that keeps going 10 miles from the truck.

I restarted it at least like 20 times, sometimes the truck just gets STUCK on something non existing or when you make a small jump, it gets STUCK in the ground and speed goes from like 100 to 10 in an instant.. like NO inertia whatsoever.

That’s only reason why it took me 10+ tries to get it done and I still ended on 2nd place.

  • In short, you gotta balance between shortcuts and clean driving, some shortcuts actually slow you down more than it’s worth. Cut only thru places that don’t slow you down too much.

Put on 10:55…

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