TRAIL OUT – Cheat Codes and Boss Race Secrets

You may occasionally see remarks in dark colors while streaming on the Fest app; these are cheat codes that you may type on your license plate to access content.

Cheat Codes

  • HELP – Unlocks a car (Race Helper in Junkyard)
  • JOELGOLF – Unlocks a golf cart (Golf Club in Junkyard)
  • MOTOMOTO – Unlocks a bike (DNIPRO 136 in Junkyard)
  • RETRO – Unlocks a car (Retro Vita in Junkyard)

No screenshot…

  • FROZEN – Unlocks an outfit (Stalker from Chernobyl)
  • STIG – Unlocks an outfit (Racer)
  • PROLOGUE – Unlocks an outfit (Legend * Bruised)

Money Cheats

  • HESOYAM – The game gives you 5,000.
  • LEBOWSKI – The game gives you 5,000.
  • ITSTRAP – The game takes away 5,000 from your bank.

Boss Race Secrets

  • Ivan Komrad / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

I found it, near the end of the race instead of turning left and going up the stairs head right and you’ll see the red marker out on the ice, it unlocks an outfit.

  • Big Cheese / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

When the cops open fire at the gang. After the first explosion, pass two intersections, its on the left side.

  • Than / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

At around 40% of the track (sharp left turn) behind the containers is the red marker. Drive the foward until the right side opens up and drive back on the other side. You will find the red marker at the end.

  • Joe Boomer / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

At around 59% behind the first firetruck on the left side is the red marker.

  • Sonya Mass / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

At around 96% you see a white truck on the parking spot on the right side. Behind this truck is the red marker (look closely on the first picture).

  • Frau Über / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

At around 23% behind the gas station is the red marker.

  • Frank Woods / Rush Race (Unlocks an Outfit).

At around 68% you will find the red marker behind ramp you drive down.

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