Tiny Civilization – Beat the Game before Nuclear War

We Don’t Need War! Achievement Guide

I got achievement really easy while trying to have 16 wonders. It just happened by itself.

To have all wonders – that’s really hard, but playing Easy mod to win before war is really very easy.

I’ve concentrated on bricks, and because I had a lot of culture, food went itself somehow 

I meant, when you have new skills like combine different types or upgrades lvl 1 to 2, lvs 2 to 3, cells will do everything for you without your persistent participation.

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  1. Well, that’s kinda the point of the achievement. Combo as much Culture as possible I would think. Focus on Culture, Food, and then Industry is my best guess. I got to the internet before the war started on my last run. I choose all the culture heroes and upgraded the culture techs first. If I was lucky and had a surplus of industry I threw down a couple of wonders. Only got like 3 down before it became too expensive to worry about them anymore. I think if I skipped that last wonder I might have had enough turns left to reach it. I’ll try again another day. Best run yet though.

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