The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales – Gameplay FAQ (Gear, Team and Tips)

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is team formation?

You can form a team to engage in battles through the campaign. Form a team of up to 5 characters, and each character has 5 unique attributes: [Aggressive, Cunning, Rational, Humane, Brutal].

The 5 characters have advantages/disadvantages against each other, and the ATK can increase or decrease depending on the attribute. Forming a team with advantageous attribute can be effective in battle.

What is character enhancement?

You can enhance the characters’ stats by leveling them up. Promotion is available every 20 levels, and you can continue leveling up the character by an additional 20 levels once you promote the character. The characters can obtain a party bonus skill on the initial promotion, and as promotions continue, the skill level can increase, with a maximum level cap of 5.

Issues where you cannot activate a charged characters ability by touching the screen

If it happens again, click auto once real quick it’ll launch it. Also be sure your gauge is full, sometimes it’ll tell you it’s ready to launch but the gauge isn’t truly filled yet. Auto should work, unclick it as soon as the ultimate launches.

What are gear?

You can increase the characters’ stats by equipping gear. You can level up the gear by consuming other gears as materials. The maximum level you can raise it to depends on the rarity of the equipment

  • 1-Star: Lv. 10
  • 2-Star: Lv. 15
  • 3-Star: Lv. 20
  • 4-Star: Lv. 30

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to construct an Armory to enhance the gear level.

What is Raid?

You can obtain [Food, Wood, and Reputation] by defeating the enemy in Raid. By acquiring Reputation, you can obtain to higher leagues and obtain cheese through ranking rewards, which are needed to craft gear.

Buildings FAQ

What are resource production buildings?

You can produce wood through sawmill and food through farm. They automatically produce resources over time, and as their levels increase, both the hourly production rate and the maximum storage capacity also increase. Both the sawmill and the farm can be upgraded up to Lv. 20.

What are resource storage buildings?

There are buildings to store acquired wood and food, as well as houses for the survivors to live in. As the level of these buildings increases, both the maximum storage capacity and the maximum number of survivors in the houses also increase.

What are processing buildings?

You can obtain Survival Manual required to level up characters and classic characters through Shooting Range. As the level of the Shooting Range increases, the type of craftable items expands, and you can upgrade the building up to level 6.

What are production buildings?

You can craft useful battle items at the workbench and forge. As the level of the production buildings increases, the variety of craftable items expands. The Workbench can be upgraded up to level 20, while the Forge can be upgraded up to level 5.

What are upgrade buildings?

Upgrade gear or use special materials to craft exclusive gear and enhance them through Armory. The MAX level for each grade increases as it level up, and you can upgrade the building up to level 15.

Workbench Craftable Items

Here’s a table with all the craftable items.

Click to enlarge…

Recommended Specifications

Here are the recommended specs for The Walking Dead: Match 3 Tales.

  • AOS/iOS Specs: RAM 3GB
  • Android 8.0+
  • iOS 13.0+

These are the minimum requirements for running the game, and performance may vary depending on your device.

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