The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – How to Use Leatherface Ability

Explanation of Leatherface Ability

Think of the ability meter as a heat gauge. Your start at 50% and any swing you do will cost about 10%.

You rev to recharge it quicker but keep in mind if it hits 100% or 0% you will stall. So you gotta balance.

Rev’ing to the 80%-99% mark enables the speed boost and charged slash. This will do massive damage but will cost you 100% power. Hence why you stall after a hit. Upgrading stall resistance in the ability tree will make this charged attack only cost 90% to 70% depending how much you put into it. This allows you to do a followup hit after a charged attack if you rev’d to the sweet spot.

Stamina is seperate from this whole system and when empty it just slows your normal sprint and swings. (Not your chraged rev though I noticed).

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