The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – How to Get the Bucket Ending

Bucket Ends

  • Out the window, Slay the bucket end.
  • Left, closet, broom closet stickers.
  • Left, down, bucket crazy ending.
  • Left, up, boss room backout, back down to 428, bucket escape pod.
  • Left, up, boss room, down, escape, bucket museum.
  • ^ Boss room, down, up, down, up ,down, up, press conference*.
  • (Also new non-bucket end).
  • ^ Mind Control, Fall into void, void ending.
  • ^ Mind Control, off button, facility traps you ending.
  • ^ On button, bird ending.

* The press conference is going back up the elevator into the boss’ office a few times. There’s 1 normal version and one with the bucket.

  • Right, left, down, bucket destroyer end.
  • Right, straight, lift, phone, bucket marriage end.
  • Right straight, lift blue-red doors, is this a bucket end.
  • Right straight, left, ventilator Bucket tape end.
  • (Also new non-bucket end).
  • Unplug phone, comedic timing end.
  • Fall to floor, bucket death end.

Beyond these there are the new content runs.

  • First run, introduces collectibles, goes back to the beginning after showing you some of the old stuff.
  • Second run, “Stanley Parable 2”.
  • Finishing collectibles, collectible ending.
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  1. There’s also the epilogue content unlocked from restarting the game repeatedly.

    Don’t know if it has prerequisites like doing the collectables or new endings first, since there’s a hint to it on a whiteboard in the meeting room that’s otherwise used for the collectable hunt.

    It’s also worth noting that after doing this you can bring the bucket with you to both of the initial new content routes (from before you’re supposed to have it), which adds some new dialogue/interactions.

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