The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief – Tips to Avoid Deadlocks (Chapter #1)

How to Avoid Deadlocks

1) Ask the doctor on the ship medics cabin for the bullet first, otherwise he will go to sleep, you dont have the bullet and are stuck. Only way: reload an earlier savegame.

2) Opening the cabin of Legrand with the wire: there are some guides who call this easy but don`t explain what to do. With my “configuration” I was only able to pull the wire completely or push it completely into the cylindar. I could not put it in a few cm and put it out, this helps a lot in all walkthrough videos. But the clue is following: between the golden and the silver cilyndars you have to leave a small gap of 2mm. So gold does not have to touch silver, but you have to push gold so high that it nearly matches in all 6 cylindars. You do not have to escape this “minigame”, if you have the cylindars correctly it will get you out automatically.

Don’t get confused if you hear a “click” and it does not happen anything. This means you are on the right way, but 1 or 2 cylindars are too close to each other.

3) In chapter one you can miss so many details that might be important, I just can’t understand the developers. If you enter transport wagon quite early you miss the missing prints in the director`S room, you miss the money case of the baroness, you miss the butler in wagon 1 and you miss a talking to the doctor about his gloves. You even miss the signing of the book by Mrs P. and I read sth. of a radio and a broken “wire” there.

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