The Ranch of Rivershine – Racing Tips

Tips for Racing

  • In a Race swap between Galopping and Canter, dont let your Horses Stamina bar go all out, if it still got a slither of Stamina in before swapping from galopping over to canter increases the speed it regains the stamina for its next “sprint”.
  • 25% Jump should be enough for both Beginner and Intermediate Races until you get better Horses. You could train Endurance and Flexibility for a tiny bit but try to train a bit more onto the speed as it increases the speed in all gaits.
  • If jumping gives you trouble in a tournament, try to slow down the Horse right before the jump. It can definitely help out.
  • Try to memorize the trail and tournament hurdle setup. You usually dont have to stay “on track” you can even jump over small hills and try to cheese your way over grass. Its not a racing game, you dont get slowed down if off the roads.

Maybe that can help!

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