The Quarry – Game Won’t Launch Fix

The Fix

I fixed it! Its a bit complicated but I got the game running by following this instructions.

You can bypass the launcher if you set a special option in the the properties tab of the game (in steam).

To set the special option:

Right click the game in your Steam library and click Properties. In the next window make sure you’re in the “General” tab and then click the button “Set Launch Options”

  • In the popup window first place a “
  • Then copy and paste the install location of the game file (the .exe file that plays the game).
  • Follow that with the name of the .exe file and then close the “
  • Then follow that with %command% (with a space between the last quotation mark and the first %)


“C:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Quarry\TheQuarry.exe” %command%

Note: This is just an example! Your install location may differ completely from mine depending on many different things, so doublecheck your install location before doing this.

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