The Quarry – Enable Actual HDR with SpecialK

How to Enable HDR

SpecialK allows HDR to be retrofitted in The Quarry. Without it, the game just renders in SDR in an HDR container.

1) Install SpecialK (you can find guide here).

2) Enable HDR in the game through SpecialK, more information here.

3) Set the game brightness/gamma slider to 50 (default).

4) Apply these SpecialK HDR settings:

  • Bypass sRBG Gamma: off
  • Enable FULL HDR Luminance: up to you
  • Peak White: set to your monitor/TV max nits or slightly lower
  • Paper White: between 100 and 350
  • Remaster 8-bit, 10-bit and 11-bit: all on
  • Tonemap: Passthrough (that’s my personal preference)
  • SDR to HDR Gamma: 1.175 (between 1.08 to 1.3 are generally good, it’s up to you)

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