The Planet Crafter – Beginner’s Tips

Tips for Beginners

Survival Tips

  • Always keep one oxygen capsule if you want never die play.
  • One bottle of water may need for long journey.
  • Always keep 2 Titanium, 2 Iron and 1 Silicon for shelter.
  • Lake Water Collector is OP. 2 Atmosphere Collector is enough.

Base Building Tips

  • Build main base on top of hill. (*Spoiler Alert)
  • Build Ore Extractor asap. 2 to 4 extractors are enough.

Power Tips

  • Build Solar Panel as many as possible.
  • Mix Solar Panel T1 and T2 according to Aluminium supply.
  • Nuclear reactor is the most powerful but it consumes limited resource, Uranium, which is shared with the Rocket. Think again.

Rocket Tips

  • Don’t forget to keep at least 2 Uranium ore for the Rocket. (Recommended to 4)
  • Launch Iridium Rocket mostly, Launch Uranium Rocket only when you consumes all of Uranium ore.
  • Do NOT launch 2 rockets in short period. Launch next after you collected all Iridium/Uranium on the entire map.

Oxygen Tips

  • Biodome T2 dominates everything. Seed spreader, Vegitubes are never reached that amount. Use those buildings as decoration.
  • You don’t have to enter the Biodome.

Heat Tips

  • Believe me. Iridium Rocket is the only way for Iridium at the endgame. That’s why I don’t prefer Nuclear Reactor that consumes lots of Uranium.

Pressure Tips

  • Spamming Miner T3 and T2 according to Aluminium Supply.
  • T2 is the best for unlocking blueprints. You may need Aluminium for the other buildings.
  • However, Iridium Rocket will boost up Pressure so don’t mind about it.

Misc Tips

Uranium and sulfur are not limited, you just simply have to unlock the T2 Ore extractor and place them at correct locations.

You can do this for more specific ore chances as following:

  • Aluminum – T1 (Aluminum Spires Area)
  • Iron – T1 (Anywhere)
  • Iridium – T1 (Cave, East side of map)
  • Osmium – T2 (Ice Caves)
  • Sulfur – T2 (Gas Field)
  • Super Alloy – T2 (Pillar Cave, North Side of map)
  • Uranium – T2 (Cave, South side of map)
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  1. Another thing to consider, is for end game, you can place the T2 autominer in the uranium cave, and it’ll generate uranium ad infinitum. The same for all the other ore specific caves

  2. its a pretty good guide. I’m just going to add exploring wrecks. Start exploring ASAP there is plenty of good stuff inside, look in lockers and deconstruct everything possible in them. Bring at least 3 oxygen and 1 H2o bottle, they do take quite a while to explore. Also look all around them, on the roof around them, under them, etc.. Or else you may miss out on something

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