The Lost Village – Ultimate Relationship Guide

How to Increase Relationship Efficiently

First and most important about relationships, when any disciple relationship with the master reaches 0 the disciple is gonna leave the sect! so be careful of that!

Check Preferences like Jewelry:

Click on Gift button then on Gift tab and select the gift with the same preference to get the maximum amount of Affinity while gifting. Remember that Gifting items uses Gift points!

When you reach 500 affinity points you can set that disciples to be your Partner or your Bosom-friend.

Removing them from the relationship would hit the Affinity by -100 points.

You can have up to 5 Partners have to be the opposite gender as you you can learn one trait from them!

You can have up to 10 Bosom-friends have to be the same gender as you you can teach one of your traits to them!

Knowing all of that a lot of possible paths opens:

  • First of all you can easily learn traits by switching Partners, so getting 12 of any trait you want wouldn’t be too challenging.
  • Second you can teach the trait you want to have setting up B-Friend then use a “trans elixir” set up Partner and learn it!
  • Third, by the addition of Master Ascension to the game you can teach one trait to all disciple you want for each Master you have, so having competent disciple with the trait you want is possible!

Dual Cultivation

Now lets look to the 2 big part or relationships, dual cultivation.

At the same time you research Relation technology yo uget acces to the build Srimat and your first Dual-Cultivation book Ying-yang.

  1. To increase your dual cultivation level you have to equip the books in your character, have a disciple of the opposite gender (200+ relations) and equip the book to the disciple too.
  2. Then you can click on Dual Cultivate option on the Srimat or the Relationship menu, its gonna ask you spend Exp Powder and Dual scroll (trial tower drop)
  3. Each disciple can only equip up to 3 books and only those equipped have active buffs when both partners with the same book are on the battlefield.
  4. The other dual cultivation books can be found by atacking successfully certain cities on the world map.


Its a pretty balanced book thats gonna provide you with Atack HP, the 3 pasive skills are:

  • 33% chance on atk of (35% atk)Flame Rain for 6 sec, 24 sec CD
  • 33% chance on beign atacked self-healing 15hp/sec for 6 sec, 60 sec CD
  • All formations area +33%, duration +3 sec

Heart Link

Ultra defensive kill book with Def HP Dodge, the skills are:

  • Release 3 Dust sword (40% def) 30 sec CD
  • 10% on atk to get +50 Def & Reduce 20% damage taken for 5 sec, 45 sec CD
  • Restore 30HP, summon a Charge Formation (100%HP) damage for 3 seconds, 60 sec CD

Dual Resonance

Summoner book with Atk HP and True Damage, the skills are:

  • Summon a steel dragon for 60 sec, 60 sec CD
  • All summons Atk +20%, Atk Spd +20%, Mov Spd +20%
  • When a summon creature die, explodes dealing (100% HP) damage.

Earth, Wood book focused on Critical, Crit Resist, Crit DMG, the skills are:

  • All Earth skills Dmg +10%, Area +20%
  • All Wood skills Dmg +15% Penetration +5
  • All Five elements skills CD -10%

Auto-Atack focused book that shoots multiple projectiles, doesn’t focus on any particular stat:

  • SPD+50% for 15 sec, 60 sec CD
  • 25% chance on Atk to launch 4 Plume (60 spell) damage, 1 sec CD
  • Plume damage +50% Amount +6

Defensive book that focus on HP Def and CRR:

  • Atack release 2 Soulstamp (3% HP) damage, 3 sec CD
  • Defeating enemies 50% chance to +1 max HP stack (not permanent)
  • Gain 10 stacks of Fortitude (+10% HP) for 30 sec, 300 sec CD.

Personality Guide

Personality Elixir recipe can be found at Faith Store level 2. The ingredients have to be found by capturing cities that produce those regional items. Give those pills to disciples with unfavorable personalities.

Depending on witch personality the events witch improve or reduce relations with the master over the time change so having a good personality on your disciples is important.

Best Personalities do you want on your disciples:

Best Unaffected by negative events so it always go up!

  • Unworldly
  • Humble
  • Resolute

Mid Mostly positive events and even bad ones are minor.

  • Optimistic
  • Upright
  • Prankster
  • Enthusiastic

Bad Bad events are harsh and constant, keep them supervised or change the personality.

  • Calculating
  • Reclusive
  • Arrogant
  • Sentimental
  • Vain
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