The Forest – Console Commands

The Forest – Console Commands

Console commands allows you to change, add, remove things in the games without the use of mods.

These are also known as cheats by some players.

How to Activate Cheats

  • Type DEVELOPERMODEON in the main menu.
  • Press F1 to see if it’s working.

Popular Console Commands


  • save – Saves the game, no matter where you are in the world.
  • faststart on / off – Skips the plane crash.


  • buildermode on / off – Turns on buildhack, turns on godmode, turns off survival mode, adds all items (not story items), and turns enemies off.
  • buildhack on / off – Allows building like Creative Mode. Unlimited resources and building super fast.


  • cavelight on / off – Increases the light while in a cave. Basically daylight inside the caves.
  • godmode on / off – No damage, unlimited stamina, fullness, water, energy etc. You cannot die.
  • survival on / off – No need to eat, drink etc.


  • addallitems – Add all items, except story items. Use twice to fill inventory storage bags such as stick bags etc.
  • addallstoryitems – Adds all story items, such as keycards.
  • itemhack on / off – Never run out of items, must have the item in the first place.
  • additem 77 – Adds a live rabbit to the players hand. Can be placed inside a rabbit cage.


  • veganmode on / off – Enemies will only appear in caves.
  • enemies on / off – Turns enemies on or off, cannibals and mutants.
  • killallenemies – Kills all cannibals and mutants in the game, they will respawn though.
  • killendboss – Kills End Boss.


  • forcerain heavy – Changes weather to heavy rain, useful for filling up water collectors.
  • forcerain sunny – Changes weather to sunny, useful for stopping bad weather.
  • cutdowntrees 10 – 10 will cut down 10 trees, choose any number.
  • cutdowntrees 100% – 100% will cut down all trees, choose any percentage.
  • cutgrass 10 – Cut grass in a 10 radius around player, choose any number. Can take a long time to load if large sizes are chosen.

Player Movement

  • speedyrun on / off – Fast run, Be careful not to kill yourself, you get a lot of air time. This can be buggy, if turned off you may not be able to run. Try crouching, sprinting, jumping etc to reset it.
  • invisible on / off – Makes it so you can walk/run underwater like its air, disables swimming effects water lighting texture effects and washing of blood, paint & mud. (has no effect on rain it still washes you as normal).

Quick Copy

  • buildermode on
  • buildhack on
  • cavelight on
  • godmode on
  • addallitems
  • addallstoryitems
  • itemhack on

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