The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Hard Mode Tips

Tips for Hard Mode

  • Memorize the attack patterns of enemies. If you dodge well, you should be able to get to the end of the floor with little health lost. Really the way to beat hard mode it to simply it play over and over again till you get good.
  • Every character has a different strategy. Try to figure out what these strategies are, and your life will get easier.
  • Learn which items are good, and which are bad. Some items that are normally good can break certain synergies, and some items that are normally bad can be good in certain situations.
  • Small stat boosts add up. The most important stats are generally damage and tears, and you should usually try to keep your speed stat > 1.
  • Try to get into the curse rooms as much as possible because they sometimes have powerful items. It is usually worth it if you have a lot of health or extra hearts laying around.
  • You can walk through the point where two spikes touch diagonally if you are really careful. Sometimes you can get items or pickups that are behind spikes by doing this.
  • If you’ve unlocked the Planetarium by collecting 3 different astrology related items in one run. It is sometimes a good idea to skip treasure rooms, because astrology room items are really good.
  • Look for stuff that gives you homing, such as Spoon Bender. Homing has some powerful synergies, and is especially helpful for new players.

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