TerraScape – Beginners Tips (Buildings, Menu and Rewards)

Tips for Newbies

Menu and Glossar

Find the small menu on the right side of the screen with the two building icons.

There you can see a glossar with all discovered building complexes (the required buildings must already be unlocked to see the complexes).

When you place specific buildings in a special layout they will merge.

For example, für the Farmstead you need 1 Cottage and 3 grain fields.

And there must be no cliff in the layout!

Rewards for Complex

The rewards are different and depends on the complex. In the glossar you see the rewards: sometimes just points, sometimes buildings, sometimes special cards. But one of the imprtant benefits is other buildings need just one tile in her reach to gain the whole complex bonus (e.g. in reach of a square you need just 1 tile of a complex/merged building to gain his full influence points).

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