Tennis Club Story – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Since there will be match restrictions down the line, your own created player should ideally be female, preferably senior or even kid.
  • Both initial characters carry over, so don’t neglect their training/gear. When you carry over your starting player you can re-choose their look, gender, age and player type (depends on what you uncover).
  • You can hire up to 50 players with no cost other than the scouting/recruiting. You should hire new types to discover them in the long run. Also, even if the scouted players suck, you can hire them if they have good gear pieces which you can steal (swap very expensive racket for cheap one for example, and remove hat+bag). Players can be dismissed with no penalty by clicking in the Player Info window.
  • Practice courts can be a big money sink due to reoccurring salaries from assigned coaches and the monthly court cost. If you are always short on cash, make sure to check assigned coaches, or consider downgrading to a cheaper course.
  • Idea points (light bulbs) are precious and the most hard to get currency by far. Don’t waste them all on upgrading training early on.
  • Keep in mind court types, as it modifies player performance. A worse player might perform better than a superior player, if they play on their preferred court type. Especially in the late stages of the game it’s advantageous to have enough players to cover all court types.
  • Player types aren’t that important other than late game where you want World class or Superstar players which cap at higher stats. Personally I like hard hitters, counter, servers and defensive players.
  • Don’t forget to use acquired consumable items on players (preferably on one of the initial 2 first!).
  • If you get stuck and can’t advance anymore due to the best player losing, make sure they have the best available gear. If that’s already the case, consider replaying easier matches or tournaments with items equipped from lower level sponsors, to discover new items.
  • Also, once your players get higher base stats, it’s far better to equip Rackets in the bag rather than accessories.
  • You can’t beat everything in your first playthrough, NG+ will be your opportunity to beat all endgame tournaments.
  • If you are unsure which tactics to use, click on player info and tennis stats. This will list the stats of the actual tennis skills, instead of just the base skills. These are mostly influenced by the equipped Tennis racks. If your player is very good at flats for example choose Rush or Normal, whereas players with a good Slice stat would want Tricky, etc. This becomes more important as you progress.
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