Tales of Maj’Eyal – How to Win (Tips and Tricks)

Useful Tips and Tricks

I would recommend playing the Temporal Warden. The class has exceptional damage output and boss killing ability, and scales very well into late game. Try playing a halfling temporal warden. Halfling has a little more hp than normal at 12hp/level and it has a passive that gives you 50% evade after getting hit for a certain % of life. Being able to clear stuns/pins is also very nice.

You will want to put points into magic primarily as strength of purpose makes your weapon damage scale with magic instead of strength. Dex secondary as it will increase defense and improve bow damage.

Most of the time you want to stay ranged. Put a couple points into singularity arrow as it is a good high damage nuke early. Arrow echoes is your boss killing ability. You get four attacks for one turn’s initiative. Open with breach against enemies with decent armor, then unleash with arrow echoes/singularity arrow/arrow stitching etc. Once you unlock Warden’s Focus you also want to use that relatively early in your damage routine.

You can use mines if you want, but they definitely aren’t necessary. I usually skip them and just teleport away from enemies, or set up a wormhole to keep enemies from getting on top of me. If you still feel like melee enemies are too difficult to evade get a toque that summons a tentacle and put it right next to you. It will pin enemies that get close.

Warden’s Call adds a LOT of damage if you have decent melee weapons, as the warden that is summoned is a copy of yourself.

Fate weaving is very good damage reduction late game because of webs of fate. If you can I would also take the celestial/chants category from an escort as it gives very nice status clearing ability and range damage reduction. The elemental resists are good in Vor as well. I would usually unlock chants as my third category point.

Since you have multiple exceptional teleports make sure to wear equipment that gives you bonuses on teleport. Wear light armor or robes and put a couple points into light armor and you should have no problem having high enough defense that most enemies won’t be able to hit you. Best in class armor would be Worm’s Nest for flat damage reduction, high int, move speed, great active, etc. It may get outclassed very late game by a robe with high +damage%, +damage pen%, and other bonuses.

For prodigies take arcane might first. The second is very flexible. You can take a defensive prodigy, or more offense.

Enemies you should be looking out for would be anyone with high enough accuracy to hit you consistently and any mages. Solipsists can kill you with inner demons, but arrow echoes are very good at killing them and you can teleport away if they seem to be getting the upper hand.

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