Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga – Tips, Tricks and Useful Things

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Heavy infantry with the guardian trait is actually great in the back row because they easily absorb rogue and assassin stealth attacks. So if you need a unit that can advance without fearing stealth attacks, give it a try. Heavy infantry still attacks from the back row, and if there is a penalty it doesn’t seem too bad.

Use stealth attackers in a squad with majority light cavalry instead of light infantry. You get cavalry move speed to help initiate attacks more often and can still ambush. And best of all you can withdraw behind tougher units after attacking.

Also don’t forget to apply gold status to Barnabas early using a proof of merit item. He starts as a tier 3 unit (knight) and will therefore usually be first to reach max class points.

Being in late game now my number one lesson is put archers in every squad. One row of em. Invest in them! It is SO annoying and time wasting in late game when 8-10 squads just attack every unit in your army or one specific weak unit with arrows cause they always prioritize no exchange.

While I won’t say that you need archers in every squad, you may find yourself wanting to have more archers, or a few hybrid squads. Invest in some samurai! they are very convenient.

More on topic, you can use the captain leadership trait to over-max squad capacity by squeezing in every last preferred class you can and then changing their class afterwards.

For Frontline units try to have 1 archer and 1 or 2 healers in the squad. If you need to heal a bit trying attack 2 spaces away. If the enemy has no units that can counter attack not only will the archer attack safety but your healers will heal your most damaged unit without fighting in the battle.

On the second battle you can already deploy 2 more squads. You can if you want make a squad of healers and have them heal squad that have a lot of units or into a bow men squad.

I bring this up because unless you go out of your way to form a new squad the game does not give you the option.

All units when at T2 or T3 can be a leader of their own squad. Leadership basically decides how many units you have in a squad. Obviously more units in a squad means a more powerful squad so the research you mentioned should be helpful for building them up so you don’t have to just drop them off the deep end.

To see the objectives, just right click and check mission objectives. This may have been worth giving more attention to. The better rank you get, the more faction XP you get. This is important since you get research points every time your faction lvls up. It’s also suppose to get you access to better units (items too I think?) in the market.

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