Street Fighter V – Zangief Tips

Tips to Zangief

  • Practice comboing into lariat. Knockdowns help get the vortex going.
  • If you struggle with the 360 input, you can use running bear grab to get a similar amount of damage until your execution improves. EX RBG has armor which is nice.
  • 360 input works in either direction, so you can go for an spd off of a block if there’s enough of a gap in your opponent’s pressure.
  • Gief has really good buttons, use them.
  • Remember that spd can be used in the air. Lots of people forget this and will instinctively jump on wakeup if you’re next to them.
  • Don’t sleep on VT2. being able to go c.lp > VT2 > SPD is REALLY strong.

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