Stranded: Alien Dawn – Multiple Crafting Stations Tip

Multiple Crafting Stations Tip

If you only have one stove, and you are trying to keep inventory of multiple cooked items then you are not as efficient as you could be. Having 2 or more stoves will let other survivors deliver the raw materials while your chef is preparing a meal. Furthermore once you put the raw dish in the oven, that chef can then move on to the next stove and work on another dish while the first one is cooking. This lets you produce more in less time.

And if you really want to optimize, put the shelves, and stockpiles for the corresponding crops close to the crops themselves, under a hut, and put the stoves there. This minimizes delivery time after harvest and when getting ingredients ready. Finally, put your table and chairs near the shelf that holds cooked foods so the survivors don’t have to travel as far to start eating.

This also works for Tailoring and Workbenches. Set four workbenches each to producing Veggie Leather “Until”, and four tailoring tables each to producing one clothing item each, and the survivors will stock all the workbenches and tables with the raw materials while the other crafting stations are being used to produce goods.

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