Storyteller – How to Complete Rags to Royalty (10-3)

Warning! This guide contains spoilers!

Rags to Royalty Hints with Solution

  • Hint 1: The King likes the maid, but still likes the Queen too. If you want to get rid of the Queen, you’ll need to change that.
  • Hint 2: If you want the King to turn against the Queen, you need to make the Queen turn against the King first.
  • Hint 3: People get angry when they’re heartbroken, but don’t forget, you need the King alive.
  • Solution p1: Let the Queen watch the King and the Maid together using the affair scene.
  • Solution p2: Now that the Queen is angry, have her imprison the King using “kidnapping”.
  • Solution p3: The maid is in love with the King now, have her rescue the king.
  • Solution p4: Now, the king is angry at the Queen…
  • Solution p5: The King can kill the Queen now. And then, it’s time for a royal wedding!

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