Starfield – Tips for Painting Your Ship

Painting Tips

I never knew you could do this! I was painfully trying to match new parts to the color scheme I’d selected for my ship, then…

I double-clicked on a component, and the whole ship was highlighted! Sure enough, at the top of the color palette I can select colors 1 – 2 – 3 for the entire ship so they match!

I feel like such an ID-10-T: …hours spent painstakingly matching each part and getting things painted how I wanted them, and just now I figure this out.

You can also work around not having a color drop option.

When you’re trying to get an existing color you’ve used on the rest of the ship to a new part:

  • Select the part with the color(s) you want, and open paint.
  • Use keyboard (A/D or left/right – probably dpad on controller) to single step move color selector forward/backward and return to color (ex: press right once to tick color forward, then left once to tick color back).
  • Confirm the color.
  • Go color new part with the color you touched showing up in recent.

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