STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic – How to Blowing Up / Toxins on Manaan

Stuck on Manaan (Blowing Up / Toxins): Can I Stop Myself from Being Banned?

  • Start with both at 0/3 and 0/5.
  • Fill injector, transfer to container. 0/3, 3/5
  • Fill injector, transfer to container. 1/3, 5/5
  • Dump container. 1/3, 0/5
  • Transfer injector to container. 0/3, 1/5
  • Fill injector, transfer injector to container. 0/3, 4/5
  • Warning: Malfunction!

That’s how I did it.

Once you’re banned, you’re banned for good. However, you might try using the console to warp to that area if your game really is bugged somehow and you can’t do what I described above.

Beware though, warping may or may not reset parts of the planet.

Be careful where you wander and make your cheated visits brief.

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