Spooky Milk Life – How to Unlock the Horse

Unlocking the Horse

If you wanna unlock the horse, you have to reach 5/10 relationship with Linda, which will unlock a new prompt when you talk to her called, “Inexperienced Toy”. You talk to her about that, then you talk to Alyssa and she gives you the “recipe” for Cockhorse.

If you wanna get the materials, you can buy them off the plumber women (you get their phone number by reading an ad outside the Library).

If you cannot/don’t wanna buy them, just go to your room, interact with the PC, open command prompt and type (or copy and paste, because they’re case-sensitive) the following cheat codes:

  • item,paint_t,3
  • item,wood_t,3

And that’s it! If you guys want any more cheat codes here is the link.

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