SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Useful Recipes

How to Get Recipes

You make recipes yourself.

Just add in 1 piece of metal in the big slot and then try adding in other things to see what works.

It’s all based on 1. the type of metal used and 2. the mana(green/purple/blue/orange) values, so the specific type of material doesn’t matter (besides the metal).

Useful Recipes

Here some useful ones:

  • Swordmaster = corrupted adamantium + 6 blue and 3 green — gives + 1 attack but cant use abilities
  • Elementalist = sky iron + 9 orange — +5 elemental damage and makes all your basic attacks elemental
  • White mage = sky iron 6 green 3 blue — same as the above, but with white magic.
  • Guardians II (is an armor to equip) — Sky iron + 3 orange 3 purple and 3 blue
  • Rhino(can stun on melee attack) = sky iron + 6 blue and 3 orange.
  • Guardians IV (lets you retaliate and attack of opportunity for free) = adamantium + 3 orange, 3 purple and 3 blue.
  • Ashen one. That gives +10 elemental damage. That one is adamantium + 6 purple and 3 orange
  • Vampire (50% of damage = lifegain) — sky iron + 6 purple.
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