SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Necromancy Tips

Tips to Necromancy

  • Hire or summon regular units. Move your spire away.
  • Tormentors do holy damage naturally, they’re an incredibly powerful unit for necromancers because of this. Plus they get mind control and access to typical undead caster abilities (like nor’s boon or nor’s curse which are incredible).
  • They’re a T2 craft that takes one level of arcane and one level of death to make. I suggest making one or two of them and plan on making them one of your ranged DPS units. They’re good even in the late game. If you can get the blood charged soul on one, it’ll become ridiculous fast. It gets the bonus even on summons/reanimations that die.
  • Necromancer summons/crafts also have a lot of physical damage units, usually among the melee T1 through T3. Draugr Giant, a T3 (3 levels of death), do elemental damage naturally.

Side-note: Haunted Armor, T3 of 1 arcane and 2 elemental, have high white resistance which makes them unique among the undead and a good tank against traditional anti-undead armies.

  • Keep everything that is free (cost wise) as backup around your tower or lodges.
  • As necro when you get zombie plague you get ♥♥♥♥ ton of spare zombies. i usually end up using them to “soften” big targets before my main army sweeps in for the kill.
  • You can use than same method for stuff like summons…. always keep some wisps around they are one of the best t1 unit around, and you can get them at any time.
  • In my game more than 35 weeks in i still have heroes with mostly wisps as army, just put an extra Shaper golem now on some of them (started enchanter so my summons are big and mean.
  • That being said, even if you dont play summons, the buildings you get from enchanter are pretty sweet, one of them allows your summons (all of them from any specialization) to get soul prison, or you can get up to 15 free mana sustain cost for armies (which works on the necro units) per building. so say 2 of them is 30 free mana cost… be it for your armies or your buffs. which is huge.

Bonus tip

  • On the most basic level Nor’s curse reduces resistance to death damage in the enemy. But the game will often in mid game challenge you to change tack a little from what has worked for you until then. And of course: don’t get on Yria’s bad side.
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