SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – How to Kill Medusa

Killing Medusa

Medusa biggest strength is their stun ability. The melee medusas have 6 focus and therefore can use the stun twice. The ranged medusas have 3 focus points and can use the stun once.

You have three major options:

  1. You use a way to silence them (silence skill or silence potion if you can craft them) (they won’t be able to use any spell that uses focus such as their stun ability for the whole fight).
  2. You send a unit to the slaughter far ahead of the others and they will probably use multiple stun ability on him depleting their focus and stunning only one guy, plus the distance should ease the morale loss.
  3. You send forward one dude with physical resistance. The stun ability face a physical resistance check, the higher your resistance the less chance to get stunned. If you have maxed out physical resistance they can’t stun you. With 50% (ex with earth armor spell buff or physical resistance potion) you pretty good.

The range of the stun if pretty good and so is their speed so don’t get surprised as they could snipe you a little bit hence the importance of keeping a nice distance.

Hope that helps!

NB: Some unit get access to the “unstopable” perk form leveling up which gives them immunity to stuns etc

Alchemist would be the easiest way to deal with them because you will have access to silence potion, physical resistance potions, eath armor skill on your apprentice most likely.

You can also simply throw a few sacred potions on them (damage only undead and fantastic – they are fantastic monsters) and that will almost kill them or make them flee so you just slaughter them easily.

For necro you prob could them some meat forward and raise them back again till all focus is depleted then you are safe to go in.

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