Spark the Electric Jester – Kerena Chainsaw Boss Tips

Kerena Chainsaw Boss tips with Default Spark

  • The charge attacks (esp. full combo meter) are only useful for the first phase. You have to be hyper aware of where Spark is before unleashing it. As the recoil can push you into the enemy’s attack. Once you’re in the second phase, forget charge attack even exists. The recoil from charge attack is a death sentence (it’ll more then likely push you off a cliff).
  • For the boss’s wide swing attack (you’ll know it by the numerous red orbs across the platform warning you it’s coming), you only need the drop kick the boss’s head (or shoulders). Spam it the entire time to avoid the attack and do damage. It also fills the combo meter, but if your in the second phase – again, forget charge attack exists.
  • In fact, forget dash exists. No dashing, cause you’ll be tempted to use it in the final phase. And you’ll more then likely dash to the edge of the broken platform to your death.
  • When the Chainsaw boss enters his cannon phase, always pick a side to wait for him to shoot the middle-ish of the platform. After he does, immediately run to the spot he just shot at to avoid getting shot when he aims for the sides.
  • You probably don’t need me to explain the rising spike attack. Just avoid getting impaled. Run in any direction away from the warnings. You don’t need to go far, just out of range of the spike coming up. Rinse and repeat.
  • When the boss slams his left chainsaw arm down, avoid it. But, whenever he is in this phase try to be closer to the middle of the screen or more to the right (his left) so when he surfaces to try it again you can combo him with your regular attacks. But failing that, you can attack his chainsaw arm after it’s slammed down with regular attacks to get some hits in.

Final Tip: This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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