Space Haven – Food Tips

Tips for Food

Self sustaining food takes up a big chunk of ship space. Aim for 3 crops per crew member, 4 if they aren’t quickly tended on demand. Minimize fruits as they’re the weakest crop and maximize nuts. That’s to break even, it takes more to build a storage pile.

Crew won’t willingly eat algae if other food is available, even if they have to eat a full crate of seeds to do it. Disable access to all food directly from storage (this is an option per storage). Algae machines have an internal storage limit of about 4 meals per lunch time. Put crew on shifts to rotate their dinner hours and eat more algae.

Note: Might be a dumb suggestion, but go to your storage areas and turn off the “permission to eat” setting. I haven’t played for a long while so I’m not sure if they patched it out, but I’ve had food problems in past games because crew members were taking food directly out of storage to snack on instead of using the kitchen.

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