Space Crew: Legendary Edition – How to Outrun the Boarding Party

Tips to Outrun the Boarding Party

First, you must spot them at a distance, they are larger than a fighter, but not as big as a destroyer, prioritize them as target with lmb, and if you see them get close, hit evasive maneuver on the pilot skills (if you have it unlocked).

So when you see a ‘boarder’ vessel, mark them as priority. If they get too close, activate ‘Evasive Manoeuvres’ pilot skill.

You have a window to break the boarding attempt, if they are too close, or they have “grabbed” you, then they’re gonna board the ship; if you get them with the maneuver, they will break away and wont try to board right away, just like how destroyers dont stick to your sides/front inmediately after getting shot up, having the rear gunner set to auto switch, and using a combo turret is what I think is the most effective thing to dispatch them.

If all that fails, turn off your gravity generator and have your security officer purge the ship.

If you act fast enough, you should only need to purge three compartments.

Be sure to mind your rear gunner, they have a tendency to leave their station when under attack.

Pro tip: give your team gravity boots and disable the gravity generator. Aliens are super weak this way. You also get 1 powerslot back.

Important Notes

Some of these tips have a problem in the later campaign.

  1. The aliens in will break the circuit and get out of there before purging them is usually an option.
  2. The later game aliens stick to the ground, like they have gravity boots. They’re usually marked by a red strip of glow on their heads.
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