Soulstone Survivors – How to Unlock Death Knight

How to Beat Curse V

Beam elementalist gets online in power pretty quickly and is very consistent. To be clear it also doesn’t rely on runes at all to be effective. I was able to clear curse 5 on attempt 1 and I had pretty average luck with upgrades that run.

Final build will be something like this:

  • Lightning Beam – Light Beam – Arcane Beam – Lightning Call – Multicast – Might

The beams are great consistent damage and lightning call is extremely good burst dps to melt bosses. The multicast skill (I think it has a different name but cant remember it) I find is always worth keeping on virtually any build. Most replaceable part of this would be might – it doesn’t increase your dps as much as multicast does until you already have a really high multicast rate and it’s worth considering taking some kind of utility spell like void.

For stats, prioritize multicast, attack speed, damage, crit chance/damage. Area is not as important as scaling your damage. Scaling the damage of lightning call is probably your highest priority as it’s an amazing damage spell, and from there prioritize frontal/lasting/magical dps passives as that will affect all of your beam spells. Make sure to pick up green rarity or higher health/movement speed along the way. +1 to dodge count is autoinclude and you should probably take it even over good damage passives (you can pretty much dodge infinitely with 4 or more dodges, and 3 dodges gives you way better mobility than base 2 dodges as dodge count cooldowns are independent of each other and don’t change)

Early on try to get lightning call asap. If you have to choose a spell that isn’t in the final build make sure it has as many of the “frontal/lasting/magical” tags as possible so you can have those passives start showing up. If you don’t have any good options there, pick up a lightning spell as lightning covers lightning beam and lightning call.

Hope this helps for you and for anyone else here having trouble.

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