Soulash – How to Avoid a Fight

Escaping Fights

Few tips: early game infinite durablity option are stones and candles, for strength or intelligence. Or just unequip your weapons. it can work and even increase your damage if you were using the wrong kind of weapon for your class (say a dexterity weapon like a dagger on strength class like fallen knight) You can move with some skills like that poacher skill that move you back 3 spaces or the berserker rush skill (you need a target, but a wall or tree works… easy fast travel).

Pay attention to casting time, that may be an issue on necromancer for example, as raise zombie takes two turns, also simply turning your head to look around consume a fraction of a turn, so do it too much and a turn is consumed, the strafing keys are useful for that. Map markers show the most worthwhile places to go Xp wise, with the most creatures to kill,so towns mostly. exclamation marks denote overworld bosses locations.

If you go far from those, you should be in the wilderness with way less enemies, for example the swamps to the southwest are relatively quiet, with few enemies. Most of the map is static but with slight variations there and there (example, one location i found always has a dwarven settlement, but it’s shape is different run from run), so here are a few pointers, north west is the capital city, huge and not recommended before at the very least level 6. east is the desert. South west is the Swamp.

The rest I leave to you to discover. An early game dungeon you should aim for is the graveyard near the village of ka-something.

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  1. Some fights will be unavoidable unless you have proper skills or movement speed. There are quite a few to immobilize, speed up, fear, stun, hide, corrupt, and do other nasty things.

    Sometimes the best way is to not engage a difficult enemy when unprepared. The very early enemies (level 1 – 3) are usually slower than the player character, the soldier is level 4 and comes from a particularly dangerous area marked on your map.

    You can also try Rasimi, they are faster than regular characters, Lizardman (they are much faster on the river), or necromancers since zombies are a decent distraction.

  2. Nomad has a sprinting ability when reaching level two that allows you to move at 0.50 of a turn, so you can reach anyone and escape anyone. Found that out yesterday when trying the Nomad class.

    I am not sure if this game is any good, so I’m not advocating this is a great solution, and still trying to decide if I should buy the game, but this ability I found in the demo seemed to stick out as extremely useful.

    As a side note, I don’t know if skills are randomized so maybe I got lucky and that just showed up at level two for me, but it was classified as a Nomad skill.

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