Sons Of The Forest – Useful Tips

I’ve played this for a little bit and I’ll give some useful tips:

Gameplay Tips

  • The blonde lady will occasionally wander around near you after some time.
  • As of now, here’s a tip, don’t stare at her when she gets closer, she’ll start trembling in fear.
  • She might try and bring you an item, like aloe vera, don’t look directly at her when she tries to.
  • Don’t build tree bases. They are useless. Don’t build along the paths. Cannibals follow trails!
  • Hold Tab for quick equip. Press E to pick berries / plants for later.
  • The guide book tells you How to build things. not “make” them for you. follow the steps.
  • Hold I (inventory button) to use the quick inventory, switching items on and off it is like the first game (clicking the backpack in the inventory menu)
  • Careful where you place your tarp, mine glitched and i lost it forever
  • Disable motion blur, it sucks.
  • The ally you start with CAN die, try to protect them if you want em around. I’ve found that they’re good staying at your camp as a map marker.
  • Hold X in the crafting book to have pre-made structures like the first game.
  • Playing on hard really racks up the dmg you take by a lot! Good for a challenge but i wouldn’t recommend for a first playthrough.
  • Remember to save even as a non host player, otherwise you’ll lose all your inventory once you leave.
  • Starving/ being dehydrated will never kill you, only reducing stamina.
  • Enemies aren’t as stupid as the main game and will chase for a while.
  • Dropping spoiled meat turns it into raw.
  • Regarding tarp – you can find new ones while exploring.
  • You can hold 2 logs at once, makes for faster building.
  • Purple beacons on your gps (M) are the tracking chips of the other peopel that came in with you. I found pretty decent loot spawns here
  • Let me add I Dont think the game auto saves so make sure to sleep and save whenever you log off
  • There are multiple spawns to the game as well which is cool. So far ive gotten on top of a mountain and landing in the water on a beach
  • In the cave next to the beach spawn you can find the stun gun and rebreather. The cave is literally on the beach easy to find
  • You can find the pistol on the GPS in the ocean. Its in a floating orange raft. There is a shark guarding it so i suggest you get in an out quick
  • There is a POI marked by a pulsing white and green mark on the GPS if you go in it turns out to be a facility and in it you can find a printer that can print various items like masks tech mesh flasks etc. You need printer ink to make it work which can be found at another POI near spawn
  • You can hold E on most items to either eat them (if something like herbs, berries, flowers, or mushrooms) or to equip it straight into your hand (like a rock or stick). If you tap E, it instead puts them item directly into your inventory. (So you can store the aloe in your bag instead of eating them over and over again and being sad like me)
  • To make the inventory slightly less annoying to use, rebind it to tab, especially for holding it down to change items.
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