Sons Of The Forest – How to Build a 100% Safe Base

On an island full of dangers and adverse to newcomers, building a base is challenging the locals. Keeping on the move is the most efficient/ best strategy.

Guide to Build a Safe Base

Still, if you want to build a base that is 100% safe, your best bet is to build a base in a bunker as the mobs do not respawn in there (apparently they do respawn in caves).

Lastly, if you want to build a base on the outside, it will never be 100% safe, but there are a couple of things that make it safer/dangerous. Here are some:

  • Build the base far away from the cannibals camps and routes.
  • Avoid attacking the cannibals for as long as possible (the sooner you attack, the more aggressive they become).
  • Try not to kill them by letting them run away.
  • If you do kill them, put their heads on a spike near your base (also showing them the head equipped can help).
  • I also suspect that the more you build, the more aggressive they become.
  • Try to befriend virginia as soon as possible and provide it with the handgun and the shotgun as it will greatly help you defend the base.
  • The enemies cannot swim (I have seen a dirty cannibal drown by simply entering the water) so building your base near it can reduce the defensive front to handle.

Personally, I’ve built a 5 floor tower on a 2×2 square of space. I’ve used shelfs as the stairs to climb through the floors. Made no doors to the tower and simply used a rope from the very top to the bottom. I’ve surrounded the ground floor with a defensive wall (no space between the wall and the tower itself). Despite the enemies visits, I have never been disturbed inside so far.

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