Songs of Conquest – Battle Tips (Death to Diplomacy Mission)

Here you can find useful tips for all battles in Death to Diplomacy mission.

Tips to Battles

  • Stay out of melee as much longer as possible.
  • Use the militia to focus on rats first as they will die quick then ghost. Don’t focus oathbounds if they have shields.
  • Knight are very strong, especially when charging. They should rip off the ghost since you have same number of units in the stack.
  • Don’t forget to use you spells to mitigate damage as much as possible.
  • Also when you start put you militia back and wait for the rats to be close enough to deal full damage.
  • Ranged units have 2 ranges. One is max range and one is ideal range. In ideal range, and if the unit didn’t move this turn, it will deal double damage!.

Note: Since they will have to reload for one turn it is better to wait for the double damage shot.

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