SONG OF HORROR – Shielded by Madness Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the Shielded by Madness Achievement / Trophy

Just want to confirm what the Developers have said. You need to start a brand new game from the very beginning on H.P. Lovecraft difficulty.

Playthrough until chapter 5, then collect and read the following documents:

  1. Taxidermist instructions
  2. Poem by Berenice
  3. Letter from an artist
  4. Third experiment repor
  5. Doctor Alan Cedrac`s note
  6. Dismantling notice
  7. First experiment report
  8. Second experiment report

Note: The photograph document after you solve the picture puzzle is NOT required.

Complete chapter 5, then finish the finale and the trophy/achievement should pop during the final cutscene.

There are many guides online that say that you just need to change the difficulty at the end of chapter 5 or at the end of the finale. This will not get you the achievement/trophy. You must play through the game from the start.

My advice is to use backup saves/cloud saves. Back them up after you complete a short block of progress if you are struggling.

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