Sniper Elite 5 – Survival Tips

Mini Guide: Survival Tips

Your Gear / Equipment

Your armory is really importent. it lets you costumize and mod the guns to your style. (Finding the work benches in the campaign rewards you with gun mods). 1 medpack and 2 bandage’s is a must since you will need them badly.

Save the medpack for situations when you are down to 1 or 2 life bars. Or when your are down and bleeding. (medpack are rare and only lootable from officers specalist and jægers). 1 Bandage are usefull if you get shot by an ai sniper and your bleeding life bars away, or if you need a little extra life. (bandage’s can be found on all dead bodies).

Looting Dead Bodies

If you have enough xp points (campaign or survival) you can buy the “Scavenge Weapon Ammo”- Ammo can be looted from picked up weapons.

Dead bodies can be looted. But its not just go out and turn every dead body, your time between rounds are limited to 30 sec so “time is loot”.

If you need normal rifle ammo look out for rifles lying on the ground next to a dead body. chance are high that this body can be looted for rifle ammo. Same with smg guns or pistols.

Officers and jægers is good way to obtain special equipment and medication. Grenades, bandage’s, schuemine and teller mines are a semi common loot which can be found on all bodies.

Sometimes you can find special weapons among the fallen.

  • PanzerFaust – Big stick yellow stick that is good vs weak amor points and groups of enemies.
  • Flaregun – Small pistol that fires a flare at the target point. followed by a 4 shot creepy cannon barrage. very effecty vs everything that is hit by the blast.
  • MG42 – Power full German machine gun that contains 100 bullets (depends how many bullets the german jæger used to fire at you).

Securing The Command Point

Securing a cp point can be usefull since you can’t be everywhere at once.

Plant mines in bottleneck areas that leads into the command point. This will give you a second chance to save it from burning up.

Planting mines to close to each other can be usefull if you want to blow up a scout car or make a tigertank immobile.

Don’t plant mines directly in front of spawn points since it cause tiger tanks to become a small bunker with cannon and a machinge gun. only way to destroy it in that situation is to throw lots explosive at it or shot a flareshot at it.

Planting mines to kill enemy soldiers it is best to spread the mines out so they don’t trigger each other. eg. 1 soldier trigger the first mine and the others will trigger in a chain reaction only killing 1 soldier in total.

Defending / Counter Attacking

When the rounds begin and the enemy ai spawn somewhere on the map. Go out and scout but at the same time be very observant of the terrain.

When you spot the enemy or the enemy is spotting you. Take a choice based on how many enemies there are and what kind of enemies there are. If the enemy can’t be hold back and get to close retreat back to another cover.

If you can’t hold the enemy back and can’r retreat throw a grenade at them and run. Groups of enemies can some times sit close to eacher other and make a great target for a grenade.

If you think you can beat the enemy while only getting low damage. or without getting downed you have the option to push the enemy back but never performe a Charge into the enemy unless you have backup.

Snipers spawns in high locations. listen for far away gunshots and look for scope glints.

Spotter hangs out in the back of the groups and is very har to spot if it is big group. They will reveal their location when they fire a flare shot at you location and cover themself when the flareshot is fired.

Hint: If you are fast enough you can shoot him before the cannon barage goes off. remember to retreat when done.

Panzerfauzt troppers are a nasty bunch. They carries a panserfauzt launcher and they ar not afraid of using it to give you a black eye. listen for a high pitch sounds and you know a panzerfaust is being aimed at you.

If you are quick you can hit the panzerfaust head and it willl explode and kill the operator and nearby grunts.

Mg42 jæger gunners. Short story – mini Rambos. When they fire they hose down your location with bullets… really bad.

But great if you manage to take him out before the jæger begin to shoot. this will reward you with a full 100 shot mg42.

If you are have killed all enemies and only scoutcar(s) or tank(s) remains to be killed. Ignore it (them) and loot dead bodies. But still keep an eye on the moving menace. Or go around and re-secure the command point with mines.


30 sec pause before the next storm.

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