Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Defeat the Albino Spider Boss

Tips to Beat Albino Spider Boss

In fact it’s the easiest boss in the game, as long as you don’t mind exploiting/cheesing it’s terrible A.I. It has the shortest aggro leash of any enemy in the entire game and will only travel halfway to the exit of the cave.

All you need is a bow and a ton of arrows, go in, shoot it, run away till it resets, find the line where that happens and move inside to shoot and have him chase you, then back out and he’ll walk away again, repeat this while shooting arrows at it till it dies without even attacking you once.

This also works on every…single…boss in the whole game. But other bosses at least chase you a little further. The albino only chases you like 100 feet.

Important note: It may take you a long time so the another way read below.

Albino and Matriarch Spiders are resistant to Piercing Damage so Arrows and Spear will take a long awhile.

  • You need a good set of Armor. Chitin should be ok, but Regal is better.
  • Use Edged Weapons. Chitin Axe or better.
  • Get a few Poison Resist potions and a couple Antidotes.
  • Get some Minor Health potions and Healing Patches.
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