Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Combat Cold

Ways to Combat Cold

There are food buffs you can craft in the cauldron to give you cold resistance.

Also go to Herne, and ask him to make Padded armor. There are 3 parts (body, arms, and leg). Each part gives you 9 cold protection. That’s triple most other sets. It also has a total armor value of 3 (1 per part), making it the highest armor of all three of the starting sets. So good for fighting.

I recommend you carry the padded armor around in your inventory at all times for the rest of the game, until you upgrade to the better version called Primal. it has 9 cold protection, but it has 4 parts (has a helmet too).

Important note: Chitin armor has really terrible cold protection. use padded or the tribal armor from the same guy who makes chitin.

Or if you are playing with friends you can get Mirmek’s two sets of armour where one is the Bone armor set that has 6 on cold protection. But, still it does not protect you from the cold during the storm. Nothing does not even with the special brew.

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