Smalland: Survive the Wilds – Basic Tips for Beginners (Wood, Fiber and Red Ants)

Tips for New Players

There’s wood literally everywhere. And fiber. Two most common things in the game.

Do you know what they resource nodes look like? Wood are little snarls of brambles looking stuff. Like thorny curls. Fiber are the two leafed sprouts.

You can hit V to go into attennae mode, and scan for resources.

In other areas, there are things you can chop down that drop tons of either wood, fiber, or both. Mauve plants are good for about 2/3rd wood, 1/3rd fiber.

For red ants, use power attacks (right mouse). While charging for a power attack, you can still rotate in place to hit them if they’re moving. Make a simple bow, and launch a few shots at start of fight. 1st hit will usually get a HUGE bonus to damage. I’ve taken off about 20-25% of their health with a lucky 1st shot crit with bonus sneak attack damage. Makes the rest of the fight much easier.

Getting better weapons is crucial. Once you get flint, the red bull ants die in about 2-3 hits. Often times they don’t even get to attack back. Two best things to build with flint are a flint sword and flint spear. The spear will absolutely wreck most flying insects. Massive damage. Does the same to sawyer beetles (the red backed one). Use power attacks again.

When you go to the beach the first time to get flint, bring a bottle cap and one metal screw with you. With those two items you can make a cutter/grinder, and make refined wood. The beach has flint, weeds that drop seeds, stone, etc. All the other stuff you need to make the cutter. Before you mess with anything there, build a mini-base, a bed, and set your spawn point.

You can get both bottle caps & metal screws just south of the 1st bridge you come to (east of the big owl shrine statue on top of log) when you leave the burrows for first time.

At east end of bridge, turn to the south and go along the beach (still on the east side of the river). There’s a giant stick stuck in the sand and screws spawn in the grass around it, also on other side of stick near a copper colored key. Go farther down the beach and a bottle cap often spawns near 3 stones.

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