Simmiland – How to Get the Factory (Industrial Revolution and Metropolis Achievements)

How to Get the Industrial Revolution and the Metropolis Achievements

I managed to have the factory, hence getting the “Industrial Revolution” achievement (and eventually, the Metropolis achievement).

Here’s How I Got It:

  • Have around 150 IQ
  • Discover the following to get access to advanced resources:
    • Smelting
    • Metal
    • Refinery (which gets you Oil)
    • Lightning Rod (which gets you Battery from hitting it with your Thunder card)
  • Collect 20+ advanced resources (Glass counts, but it’s optional)
  • Have a market ready by doing the following:
    • Have a stable source of food
    • Discover currency
    • Get gold ore, and smelt at least 4 of them
  • Make sure you have modern houses


  • Being evil or peaceful doesn’t matter.
  • The number of humans doesn’t matter.
  • Avoid getting churches or your IQ is capped to 120.
  • Ensure the placement of your structures that you won’t lose your resources from falling on lava or oil. With that, don’t use your Wind cards.
  • Create your mountain area first. The larger area the better. Make sure you generate at least one patch of lava and oil each. Later on, use the Meteor card on your mountain area so that there are chances you get more gold ore deposits.

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