Selaco – Guide to Enemies (with Tips)

How to Properly Kill Them


Roaring Cricket

This little pistol packs a punch. It can take down single enemies in seconds. Two well-placed shots and a typical grunt is down, unless they have an armor buff from allies. It’s like Master Chief’s pistol in Halo CE.

Automatic Rifle

Your standard rifle, useful from start to finish. It’s average and helps clear out crowds of enemies.

The Shotgun

The shotgun is strong and rips through most enemies at close range. It’s your go-to for close quarters. The best way to use it is to peek, shoot, and quickly take cover to reload since it’s pump-action.


The SMG can be dual-wielded early on with the right upgrades. It’s very useful for clearing out groups of melee units and smaller drones.

The Grenade Launcher

A useful tool for later levels with many upgrade options to fit your strategy. It has three grenade types found across the map: frag, ice, and acid. Frag is most common, acid is rarest. The rocket launcher upgrade and proximity mines are really good.

The Plasma Rifle

Like your standard rifle, but hits harder with slower bullets.

The Railgun

I never found the railgun, but I assume it’s very good against single targets, especially juggernauts.

The Sniper

The sniper is situational but can be really strong. Low recoil lets you easily spam shots across large maps to take out distant enemies.


The Rifle Grunts

Our basic enemy, the rifleman (and later, the plasma rifleman). They can shoot at any range and are deadly if you don’t stay in cover. Use the shotgun or sniper to kill them based on the environment. The rifle and SMGs can work but don’t stay exposed too long. They can be tough enough to not get staggered and will shoot you, especially the plasma ones. If you’re exposed too long, you’ll get torn to pieces fast.

The Engineers

These guys have shotguns and like to flank you. If you hear their footsteps, be ready so you don’t get surprised by one behind you. Shotguns are your best bet in close quarters, but try to keep your distance so you can blast them with whatever weapon works.

The Enforcers

If you hear one, watch out. They’re riflemen on steroids with higher armor and damage. Keep your distance and stay in cover. Sniping works well if you spam crouch when they’re not moving much. A good punch to the face can also knock them down long enough to kill them.


Siegers are frustrating due to lack of sound and unpredictable moves. Sustained fire, especially the nailgun, works best. Avoid getting too close or they’ll explode on you, which is often a guaranteed death. A point-blank shotgun blast from behind cover or a long-distance sniper shot can kill them.

Flying Drones

They have guns and missiles. A shotgun can one-shot them up close. Otherwise, use sustained fire. Watch out for their missile warning sound and run for cover.

The Little ***

Spiders and wasps, yay. Use whatever works against large enemy groups. For spiders, sliding through them triggers their explosion without hurting you. Punching knocks them back and can make them explode at a safe distance. The flying ones are like drones but melee, so keep your distance and shoot.


Your first encounter was probably scary, and now there are more of them. Here’s a good combo that uses rare items but kills them fast: ice to slow them (from grenades, barrels, launcher) then acid (from launcher or barrels). Acid wrecks them. Otherwise, use explosives and leftover ammo like the plasma rifle.


There are lots of aggressive zombies. Explosives like mines, grenades, barrels, and the launcher work great on them and make the plant factory much easier.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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