Rome: Total War – How to Counter Cavalry Early Game

Counter Cavalry

You really shouldn’t be encountering a lot of cavalry early on as a Roman faction other than the general’s bodyguard. Cavalry Auxiliary will usually be able to hit and run most other forms of cavalry and then finish them off. Prior to that you can try smashing Equites into cavalry other than general’s bodyguard but they rarely trade well so you’ll have to make up for it with Rome’s strong economy.

You could also try using Principes to absorb a charge and then flank them, but general’s bodyguard will still trade well vs them. If you can tie up the general, you can try to then flank them. Keep in mind that general’s bodyguard specifically is probably the scariest unit in the entire game, aside from being heavy cavalry with good stats, it also is one of very few units with more than 1 HP per unit model, meaning almost every strategy that counter’s them is only a soft counter because they can still trade for a bit.

If all you have is some combination of Velites, Town Guard, Peasants, Hastati, War Dogs, and Roman Archers, you are going to have to sacrifice units in a bad trade or risk your general, even vs light cavalry. Rome doesn’t get good anti-cavalry options for a while and historically Rome had issues dealing with cavalry in general until they already had most of the Mediterranean.

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