Rogue: Genesia – How to Get The Break The Game Achievement

The Break The Game Achievement Guide

The achievement is awarded if you clear the final stage in under 120 seconds.

I went full glass-cannon build to do it. Don’t care about regen, HP, defense, or even movement speed: just get all the damage/weapons you can. If you kill things fast enough, get lucky with an XP boost relic, and get enough “Survive X time” fights, you’ll level high enough to melt everything including our wormy foe.

I started with Magic Wand, grabbed Pike, Spear, Thunder Staff, and Flame Ring, took every damage and weapon upgrade offered, and prayed I got enough meat drops to sustain in the rare event something did get through the gauntlet of death I had become.


  1. I got it on my first run with Lance, extra projectiles and Fractal, along with damage upgrades and Heavy for huge AoE screenwide damage.

    I also had an item which gave me +2% extra damage for each meat I found early on in the run, which gave me a lot of extra damage, and the item which reduces boss HP by 50%.

  2. Just did it with Crossbow and Katana and as many damage and projectile upgrades I could find. Crossbow is really bad for killing stuff off screen making xp gathering a pain, but it’s damage is nutty and hits the phase change worms pretty well speeding it up.

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